Copy/Pasting the Code vs. Implementing through the WordPress Plugin


We wanted to share this article, to show the differences between copy/pasting the website code and implementing through our plugin. 

Copy/Pasting the Code

Once you have added a new form and/or finished customizing your Contact Form or Newsletter form, save and publish your settings. On the left panel you will see a "Get Code" button.

This section contains the web code you need to copy/paste on your page's HTML source code. If you select "Standard" you'll get the regular tab+form combination code. The "Embeded Form" will provide the embedded version of the form. 


Once you have the Website Code copied, the next step is to paste it in your page’s HTML source code.  (If you're not familiar with HTML, you’ll want to review our quick primer on HTML.)

Once you've copied your code, open the page you want to work on in your HTML editor.  Set the cursor between the <BODY> and </BODY> tags, and paste the code.  

You can do this from most “Edit” menus, or by right-clicking and using the display menu.   Go to your HTML editor's “Preview” tab to confirm that the ad code is pasted correctly and page layout looks fine.  Then, save the changes, add the changed file to your web server and publish the changes.  

Implementing through the WordPress Plugin

This process is completely different than copy/pasting the code manually on your HTML source. If you are implementing through our WordPress plugin, you don't need to copy/paste any code on your site. The form implementation is done directly on the plugin, by simply choosing the tab or Embeded Form version of the form, selecting the pages you want the form to appear, saving changes and that's it. 

If by any chance you do both implementation processes: copy/paste the code and implement through the plugin, you may end up with the form appearing twice on your website. If this is something that has already happened to you, we suggest going to your website's HTML source code, look for the duplicate code, and erase it, so the form can appear once. 

Form Configuring

The process of configuring the ContactUs Form or Newsletter form, is the only process that needs to be done, directly on accounts. Currently our plugins, offer to select the template you like best, however customizing the form directly on the plugin is something we're currently working on; in the meantime, every customization needs to be done on 



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