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The contact form that works best is one that communicates best with the user.  This section enables you to make customizations and add information to the basic contact form containing your business information.

  • LeadQC: Provides service to scrub and score lead submissions coming in against basic validation checks. A more advanced setting would also compare the contact information against known phone number databases.
  • Call-to-Action (recommended): Provides one punchy line of text to communicate with your users and encourage them to inquire about your products and/or services. (65 character limit)
  • Add New/Existing (recommended): Gives you the option to identify whether the user is a new or existing customer.  We recommend including it.  For you, it enables you to separate your sales versus support inquiries, and have that tracked in your lead management data.


  • Required Fields: Allows to define which fields will be required or optional, when submitting information on your contact form. 
  • Phone Format Validation: Allows to enable US-Phone numbers only or Non-US Phone Numbers. 
  • Alternative Submit Button Text: Controls the button used to submit the information on your form can be edited.  Default is standard “Contact Us”.  (20 character limit)


  • Checkbox: We require users submitting on the platform to consent to your business contacting the user. Furthermore, it discloses to them that you will follow CAN-SPAM and Do-No-Call standards in your communications with them, which is a requirement of you from the Terms & Conditions. We recommend leaving the default setting that does not require a checkbox. However, if you wish to be more cautious, we provide you with the option to require an opt-in before the submission can be made by your users.

Note: (to get into the "Agree To Terms" text, go to Forms> Select the Form> Form Settings> Content> Form Content.)

  • Use CAPTCHA: Allows to enable a CAPTCHA feature, which can be set on your Contact Form, to help SPAM reduction. Click here for a full article of this feature. 

We highly encourage you to take full advantage of these features above to make your ContactUs experience fully-engaging with your customer prospects.  Before they communicate with you, remember you can communicate with them in a more effective manner.

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