Follow-Up Email Options


A good practice is to send an auto-respond email to your users.  We’ve built this function into the platform with “Follow-Up Email Options”. 

 An auto-responder email can serve many functions, including to:

  1. Keep the prospect warm
  2. Set expectations about when you’ll be contacting
  3. Continue to market your services
  4. Upsell additional services

Our default setting is to have this function enabled, and populated with a standard message.  If you do nothing, the user will see a standard message:


From: “”

Subject: “Thank you for contacting {Business_Company_Name}”



Dear {Contact_First_Name} {Contact_Last_Name},


Thank you for contacting {Business_Company_Name}. Your inquiry has been submitted, and we’re looking forward to being in touch with you shortly.


We look forward to serving you.





However, our system will enable you to customize the message.  Similar to the “Thank You Page Options”, this message makes use of magic strings to enable wildcard text to be entered that personalize the message:

  • “First Name” = {Contact_First_Name}
  • “Last Name”= {Contact_Last_Name}
  • “Primary Phone” ={Contact_Primary_Phone}
  • “Email” ={Contact_Email}
  • Your Company Name = {Business_Com}

If you make any changes, please be sure to submit a couple of test queries to make sure that the emails are displayed properly with your changes in place.

Follow this simple path to get into the "Auto-Responder" settings page: Login to> Click on Forms> Select the Form> Click on the "Submission Settings" tab> Click on Auto-Responder

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