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The “Tab” is the call-out button that is used to display the Contact form.  The more prominent the button, the higher the probability for you to generate an online sales lead.  Certainly, there will be a balance to strike between getting noticed and being distracting.  We’ve built our call-outs with this balance in mind.


The Tab

The “Tab” is the call-out that is used to load the ContactUs form.  You’ll have various options on design of the Tab. For standard clients, this is the first part of the ContactUs experience that your users will see.  You need to select a design from our library of Tabs.  See figure below.


A Note on Choosing a Color

A common practice in website optimization is to use colors that are the opposite end of the color wheel


In practice, a choice of an opposite color can get the call-out noticed while improve conversions.  For example, if the background and color scheme of your website is blue, then an orange “tab” would be the best starting point for converting visitors into leads.  We don’t have every color available to you, but the color wheel can provide you with a guide.  Certainly, you can choose a tab color that is in line with your existing color scheme, but understand that you might not be operate at your max sales lead conversion rate as a result.


The Tooltip

A tooltip is an additional feature that we’ve built into the call-out Tab.  It allows you, the business, to communicate in a more customizable way with visitors on your site when they hover over the Tab.  The hovering action by the user indicates a base level of interest, and sometimes the right communication is the gentle nudge needed to get him/her through to the next step.  See below for how the tooltip appears when the Tab is hovered over:


The Tooltip consists of a Header ([20] character limit), plus a Message with space for up to [125] characters of text.   Here is an example:

  • Tooltip header:  “Contact Us for Great Rates.”
  • Tooltip body:  “We specialize in high-quality, low-cost widgets combined with top-notch service and installation.”

Tab Placement

The default Tab will show a button on the left-side of the page with a standard text “Contact Us”.  You will have the ability to position the page on any of the quadrants of the page, or on the top-center or bottom-center.  Additionally, you’ll have the choice of using the horizontal or vertical versions of the Tab design that you’ve selected.

The input and the tab placement within the Client Admin would look like this:

 All of your changes will be available for viewing on the Preview.

Watch these videos as reference:


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