Thank You Page Options


Keep marketing to your most interested prospects by configuring your “Thank You” page options.  By default, the user will see a standard message: “Thank you for contacting {Your Business Name}. Your inquiry has been submitted, and we’re looking forward to being in touch with you shortly.”

You can customize in one of two ways:

  1. Customize the message that is displayed after new prospects successfully submit an inquiry on your form.
  2. Or redirect them to a page of your choosing.

For #1, you can edit the standard text that is provided as default. Note the magic strings below can be used as wildcard text inputs within the message.

  • "First Name" = {Contact_First_Name}
  • “Last Name”= {Contact_Last_Name}
  • “Primary Phone” ={Contact_Primary_Phone}
  • “Email” ={Contact_Email}
  • Your Company Name = {Business_Company_Name}

Be sure if you make any changes to copy and place the wildcard text carefully.

For #2, you have a second option of entering a Redirect URL to send users upon successful form submission.



To find these options, follow this simple path: Login to> Click on Forms> Select a Form> Click on Form Settings> Click on Content> Click on Confirmation Page

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