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Follow has built a Facebook App to help you to generate leads from your Facebook page.  We built the Facebook App with the belief that your Facebook page needn’t be just a social media presence, but can also help you to acquire customers.

We make it easy to set up the Facebook App by recycling everything from your existing form. You only need to enable it within the Client Admin, and then install the app on your Facebook account.  To add a form to your Facebook page, go to Forms, and on the left panel you will see "Form Triggers". From there you'll see several options, click on "Add Form to Facebook".

Once enabled, the Facebook App will be accessible to your Facebook users through the profile here:



 Enabling the Facebook App

To get started, click on “Add Form to Page Tab on Facebook”. 

From there, you’ll be directed to a Facebook page. You’ll be requested to login using your Facebook credentials (which will never have access to).


After the Facebook login, you’ll be presented with a prompt to “Add Tab” in order to add the Facebook app.  See figure below.  You’ll be asked to “Choose Facebook Pages”, which is important if you are an administration of more than one Facebook page.


Once you’ve selected the Facebook Page to add the ContactUs Facebook app to, click “Add Page Tab”.  You’ll then be taken back to the Client Admin, where you’ll see a FB Page ID and FB Page Name added to the section.


The installation is now complete.  When you log into your Facebook page, you should see a new “Contact Us” tab included with your other native Facebook apps. 



Check out our Add a Contact Form to your Facebook Page video for more information. Click the following link if you're looking to Add a Facebook Tracking Pixel to a Contact Form.

Check out these helpful videos. They cover everyting you need to know on this: 

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