Adding a Captcha Code to your form to block SPAM

Follow does not sell or share customer's information. Any personally identifiable information we collect (including email addresses, physical addresses or phone numbers) is not shared with or sold to other organizations for commercial purposes.  

To avoid SPAM, we have several tools to prevent you from getting undesired emails or leads; one of them is our CAPTCHA feature, which can be set on your Contact Form, to help SPAM reduction. 

You can find the CAPTCHA feature by following this path: 

Access your account> Forms> Select a Form> Form Settings> General Settings.

 Here you will find the option to add a CAPTCHA code. To enable it, simply click on the toggle button until it says "ON" and it turns green. Remember to save and publish your settings.  So once your visitors fill your Contact Form, they will need to fill the CAPTCHA in order to complete the process.



Did you receive a SPAM from somebody that had a footer? If so, please forward that email to We hate SPAM too. It is horrible.

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