WEEBLY: How to Add a ContactUs.com Contact Form to Weebly in 6 Steps


This is a short list of easy and clear steps on how to add a beautiful form in minutes. With specific instructions and detailed screenshots, this works every time. Fast, free way of adding a powerful, conversion optimized form on your Weebly Website.

Here are the steps in creating a ContactUs.com contact form for Weebly:

1. Create a contact form on ContactUs.com. Edit and revise as needed. You can also test the contact form. Don't forget to Save and Publish your new changes.


2. After testing, go back to the Forms Panel, Select the new Form you just created and click on “Get Code”. A drop-down list will appear so you can select the type of code that you need. The first step is to copy the code that you selected.


3. Login to Weebly. Click on build, and on your design page there are several icons on the left. Scroll down and click on “Embed Code”.


4. An transparent edit box will appear on your layout, where it says “Click to set custom HTML”. Click inside the box, and a Custom HTML popup will appear.

5. Click on the “Edit Custom HTML” button. On the highlighted area, paste the ContactUs.com contact form code. 6. Back to the ContactUs.com page dialog box, double check the website URL, and then click on “Check Code Implementation.” Contact forms on ContactUs.com are as easy to make as Weebly pages. Additionally, ContactUs.com contact forms offer more flexibility and functionality than Weebly contact forms.

ContactUs.com specializes lead-development web applications like form builders, contact management and online marketing tools for small office/home office websites. The users of Weebly conveniently dovetail with the ContactUs.com target market. If you have a Weebly page and you want more from your contact form, ContactUs.com is a good fit for your needs. About ContactUs and the Contact Form Revolution. Having a business website is different from having any other regular website. On top of being informative and representing a company or business concern, the website also serves as a storefront or a front desk. There should be a way to elicit feedback and interaction from the site's visitors. Besides the items or services being offered, there are other things that a business can put on site to ensure that visitors keep coming back or updated. Having a contact form or two contact forms on site can be a way to get feedback from a visitor or for them to leave a digital calling card.

Contact forms are not new. These have been included in websites since the first online business came along. When you think about it, a comment box is a contact form. As a website, which is in the business of contact forms, ContactUs.com presents a novel and easy way to create forms, embed them on websites, and test them. Creating a contact form on ContactUs.com is intuitive and easy because of the drag-and-drop interface. You want something added to the form, pull it from the sidebar and include it in the form. The form objects also have an easy edit functionality. You can change anything by using the GUI. When you're finished, you only need to copy a single line of code, and paste it into your website. Unlike most contact form creators, ContactUs.com contact forms are capable of third-integration. If you have a third-party plugin or a piece of code you need included in your contact form, by all means, include it. No coding calisthenics needed. These features and ease-of-use make sense for many people. It is a selling point for most CMS, e-commerce and blogging platforms. Weebly, as a hosting site and platform made it very easy to create a professional-looking e-commerce site without any need for code. The drag-and-drop interface has earned it accolades from mainstream media. Even though there is a ready contact form maker, you can still opt to use ContactUs contact forms on.

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