DELIVERY: Configuring Lead Deliveries to 3rd-Party Services.




-----UPDATE -----

This is an old article for our earlier tools. Since then we have upgraded our integration capabilities by creating our own Zapier integration. With it you can deliver leads to over 300 online applicatons and protocols. We strongly recommend you use the new menthods by followingn this link: Integrating a form to Zapier  - 

--------------------------------- END OF UPDATE ---------------------------------------

For our old integrations platform, one that is not through Zapier, follow these written Instructions.

As part of our solution, you can receive your incoming leads via email, phone and even to 3rd party services, such as MailChimp, Zoho, Vertical Response and many more. This process can be configured  by accessing your account and following this path: Forms> Select the Form that you want to integrate> on the left you will see "Submission Settings"> Software Integrations. 



You need to have an existing account on any of these 3rd-party services, in order to complete the process. Here you can connect your account with your 3rd party service account, to start receiving your leads there.

You will need to manually input an API Key, or List Key, Authorization Token, and so on;  (the process varies depending on the service you're currently using).  For this example we're using MailChimp; where it asks for an API Key, and a Unique List ID.

To retrieve these credentials, you need to access your 3rd-party service account. Usually these can be found on "Settings".  Once you have them, copy/paste them on the designated fields.

Once entered, you need to enable the integration, and if you want to enable a double opt in process select "yes". (Double Opt In means that a new subscriber not only needs to sign up with your form, but then also receive a follow-up email message from the email provider confirming the interest).  Once you have finished click on "save" and you will start getting your leads to your 3rd party service account.

If you have questions, send us an email to, and we will gladly help you out. 

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