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Introducing the Custom Tab Generator by This awesome feature, finally allows creating your own tab templates.  Now you can create your own color combination for both tab and text from the call out button, and even customize the message.

Why not customizing it in your own language? everything and more is possible now. 


If you’re wondering where the tab generator is, just follow this path to find it:

Access your account> Forms> Form Triggers> Call Out Tab > Build Custom Tab. Here is where you will find the Custom Tab Generator. 

1. To start creating your own template, hit the "Create Tab" button. 


2. Entering your own text is available now. If you don’t have something in mind, we help you choose. Click “select from list”, to open our message library. Here you will find options for our Contact Forms, Newsletter Forms, or some other common phrases.


3. There are also three different fonts you can choose from. You can decide to have the text in bold or in normal form. Changing the text color is also possible, you can find a wide variety of colors. Modifying the tab size is an option as well. Choose from small, medium to large size.



4. What if you don't like the tab color? you can go ahead and change it to the color that suits you best. Finally you get to decide, whether to leave a background gradient for the tab or to remove it. 


5. Once you’ve covered every section, click on “Create new tab”.


6. What if you already have a previously made tab template? you can click on "Upload Tab" to use it. There are certain guidelines you would need to follow to complete the upload process, and start using your tab. Hit the "Select File" button and then hit "Upload". Once that is done, your previously made tab template will be added to the library, and will be ready to use. 



If you have any questions or general comments, send us an email to 


Uploading Custom Tabs

We have made two new updates in the July 30, 2014 release to give users more image configuration options when using the “Upload a Custom Tab” module.


Sizing Adjustments

We have improved the way in which uploaded custom tabs are shown on websites.  Previously, any user-uploaded custom tabs would be automatically re-sized.  We now have an option for users to either 1) have the tab images automatically re-sized (same as the previous), or 2) retain the original image size of the file uploaded (new in this release). 



Users now have the ability to rotate images clock-wise or counter-clockwise to their desired rotation.  Previously, you had to rotate the image prior to upload, and that rotation couldn’t be changed once the upload was complete.  Simply click the “Rotate” button to flip the image around, and preview how it might look with different alignments and positions on the page.

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