Lead Management Tool (Part 1: Lead Information)


ContactUs.com’s Lead Management Tool provides basic CRM tools for business clients to manage leads started from the ContactUs form.  It lists the leads as they come in, but importantly allows you to update, edit, add notes and track the status of the leads as they are “worked”, with the end-goal being a closed sale and new customer for your business.


Contact Information

By default, this section will be populated by the information submitted in the lead by the user.  (To make any changes in the Contact Information for an individual lead, you’ll need to use the “Edit Leads” tool, which is described in fuller detail here.)

Current Status

This field allows you to track where each lead is in the buying cycle.  By default, unworked leads into the system will be marked as “New”.  As you or your sales staff gets in contact with the lead, you should update the “Current Status” with the basic designations: Working Lead, Docs Sent, Docs Signed, Processing, Closed or Dead.  This is an important data point to track as you are working the lead, particularly if your business is not already integrated with a CRM solution, like a Salesforce.com.


Lead Info

The “Lead Info” section summarizes the most basic and most frequently-used information captured along with the lead.  This section introduces two new data points which may be used to track the individual lead:

  • Phone Info: This section is enabled only if you opt into the premium call-tracking features provided by ContactUs.com.
  • Tracking Tools:  Provides tracking details for advanced users used to pass along tracking data already enabled if you are a Google Analytics user.

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