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“Edit Lead” is an advanced feature that allows you to make modifications or additions to existing leads in the Lead Management System.  This module also introduces a number of advanced tracking features that most users do not use regularly.  Our recommendation is not to make changes to fields outside of the core lead information, unless you already have experience with source tracking used in online marketing.


Traffic Source Information

The first section of Edit Lead provides detail on the traffic source for the individual lead.  It includes Landing Page, Publisher ID (for advanced users), Lead Origination, IP Address, User Agent, and other technical details.  If you are not an experienced online marketer, our experience is not to add to or modify this section.


Editing Lead Information

1. Go to the Contacts Tab. 2. Click on the edit button, on the lead you want to edit.



Google Analytics Tracking

Your ContactUs.com form is built to automatically capture data fields passed along through the Google Analytics URL Builder.  This feature will be extremely helpful for more advanced users to track individual leads back to specific sources of traffic or specific campaign segments.  If set up properly, this section should prepopulate the fields by reading the URL.


SEM Tracking (Google AdWords, Bing)

If you are a Google Analytics user and actively running SEM campaign through Google or Bing, ContactUs.com can use the Google Analytics strings in your URL to track source attributes with the lead.  By doing this, you would be able to associate an individual lead with the campaign attributes (for example, keyword, ad group, creative, network) used to generate this lead.


To Find and Edit

1. Go to Forms

 2. Click on the form you want to edit.


3. Click on the link builder option, on the horizontal sub-navigation bar.

5. Edit what you need.



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