MailChimp Form Plugin Setup and Configuration.

After you have installed the plugin ( To install: Plugins > Add new plugins > Search for "MailChimp form by" > install > activate), go the plugin settings page, located under MailChimp Form tab in the admin panel. It will look like this: 

  • Go to your mailchimp account and get your API Key. If you dont know how to get your API Key, this is how you get to it: Your profile > Account Settings > Extras > APIs and either generate an API (using the Generate API key button) or copy your existing one. There is a video highlights the process: How to get the MailChimp API Key
  • Once you submit the MailChimp API Key, if you have a account, you will be asked for your username and password. will populate your plugin with previously created and saved form templates. If you dont, will create a username and password and will send them to your e-mail, it will also create your very first form template, so you have something to work with. 
  • *If you installed an earlier version and are upgrading the plugin to the 2.0 version, the plugin will work exactly the same until you submit the API credentials. The plugin will detect that you have upgraded and ask you for your preferred e/mail address and send the API credentials there, they will look like two random strings of text.    Once you submit the credentials,  MailChimp plugin will allow a few new cool upgrades like: New upgraded template library, Use multiple forms, Change form templates from the plugin, update your delivery options, access lead management and C.U. Admin panel with one click. 

The custom form settings
The custom form settings are optional, the default settings place an attractive tab in every page of your website. If you want to specify different form templates, tabs in different pages or make sure some pages don't display any contact method, you have to specify this for each as shown in the video. 

Quick video overview of how to use the custom form settings

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