Forcing MailChimp's Double Opt-In process on


If you are using MailChimp to receive your newsletter subscriber leads, we thought you should know they may force double opt-in. This means that a new subscriber not only needs to sign up with your form, but then also receive a follow-up email message from the email provider (MailChimp in this case) confirming the interest. If you see a lead in your account but not in your MailChimp account, this may be the reason.

There is a way to check if the Double Opt-In process is activated; access your account> Forms> Select a Form> Submission Settings> Software Integrations> MailChimp. Once you have clicked on MailChimp's logo, this is what you will see:

To disable the Double Opt-In process, simply select "no" and your subscribers won't have to confirm their interest twice. They will be subscribed automatically after filling your newsletter form information. 

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