Tracking code on a URL - Link Builder for Contact Forms


With the URL Builder by, you can easily tag URLs with custom campaign variables. Using this link builder will integrate both with Google Analytics, along with conversion tracking. That way, you can track which of your promotions or media campaigns are generating the most traffic/conversions, as tracked by both Google Analytics and   Importantly, tracking down to the submission level on enables you to track past the online conversion, and through to the final customer acquisition.


Step 1:  Enter the URL of your website:

Step 2: Fill in the fields below. “Campaign Source”, “Campaign Medium” and “Campaign Name” should always be used.

Some helpful hints in filling out the fields:

  • Campaign Source: This is the referrer source. Examples include: google, yelp, facebook, newsletter1
  • Campaign Medium: This is the marketing medium. Examples include: CPC, banner, email
  • Campaign Term: If you are running keyword campaigns, this is where you would input the keyword
  • Campaign Content: This is used 
  • Campaign Name: Use a nomenclature that will make sense to you later on for tracking.  Examples include: Sept2013promo, MailChimpCamp3




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