Changing the Facebook App's position


Changing the Facebook App's Position. 

1. This is how a Facebook page generally looks. The apps are usually in different positions;  If you have more than 4 applications, the rest will be hidden, therefore they will not be automatically seen by your visitors. What if your hidden apps are important? We highly suggest moving their positions, and placing your most important apps first, so they are visible to everyone. 


 2. If you want to change an app's position, hover over the app you want to move, and a pencil icon will appear, letting you know the app is editable and it's position can be changed. 


3. If you click on the icon, a drop down menu will appear;  you can exchange app positions here. In this example, we're changing the Youtube app, for the Newsletter app. 


 4. When clicking on Newsletter, the changes happen automatically and the one you changed gets hidden. 


 5. When refreshing the page, this is how it will look. 



Make sure to select the most important apps to display;  remember they're the first thing your visitors will see besides your page's design. 

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