Setting up your "Contact Form 7 Integrations" Plugin


Setting up Contact Form 7 Integrations has an updated version of the tutorial in this video:




1. Go to your Contact Form 7 Integrations Settings in the WP admin panel.

2. Either create an account, by clicking the button that says "No, Signup Free Now" or if you already have an account, log in, by clicking on the button that says "Yes, Set Up My Form"

3. Go to your Contact Form 7 settings, (A tab called Contact Form in your WP admin panel, located in the left sidebar).

4. Choose the form you want to integrate. (You can integrate as many forms as you want and define different delivery options for each. To set up delivery options for each post type, check this out). Once you know what form you want to integrate, go to that form settings.

5. In the Contact Form you want to edit, check the "Turn On Contact Form 7 Integrations"

6. Now it's time to map your fields. The default Contact Form 7 Fields are mapped automatically, but if you customized your form, then you might want to revise this and make sure the fields of information you are asking from your users, go to the right place.

Remember! to learn how to set up delivery options for your form click here

And presto, you got yourself a Contact Form 7 on Steroids.

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