MailChimp Custom Implementation


If you no longer want the default form implementation on your website, choose "custom" to make a detailed selection of your form on each page of your website. When you activate the custom implementation, your default form is deactivated automatically.

The custom section, allows selecting the pages you want the form or tab to be shown in, as well as selecting your favorite template, from our wide library.

This section, recognizes your website's main pages. Select the page you want to include a contact form, and hit "Tab" to implement the Tab + Form combination on the selected page or "Embedded Form" to have the form embedded on the selected page. 

If you hit "Tab", a drop down menu will display several different tab + form template combinations. Select the combination you like best and hit "Save".  

If you hit "Inline", a drop down menu will display several different contact form templates. Select the template you like most, hit "Save" and that will appear embedded on the selected page.  

Repeat the process on every page you want the form or tab to appear, and hit "Save". 

If your website has inner or sub pages, and they don't appear in the custom section, we suggest using one of our shortcodes in the "Advanced" section. You can copy and paste the shortcode into the specific page you want the tab or form to appear. You can find shortcodes for the Embedded Form form, tab + form and as a widget.    

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