Appointment Features for Your Form


The appointment feature works as an add-on to your existing contact form. As a reminder, this form is available for our Premium Tier Plans.

Steps to set up your form: Create Form Rules and Appointment Types first.

  1. Login > Dashboard > Calendar > Calendar Settings
  2. Click on Appointment Rules, on the sub-navigation sidebar on the left.

3. Define your available hours by creating a new rule, you can find the create rule button on the top right corner of the screen.

4. When setting a new rule, choose what rules are going to be applied. In this example we chose a weekly period (img 4.1) and defined that our available schedule is from Monday through Friday (img 4.2), and our available hours are from 12am to 4pm (img 4.3).  This will be important when creating the appointment form, because you are telling it when it is that you want leads to schedule their appointments with you.

Image 4.1


Image 4.2


5. Hit submit.

6. If you want to have different service types. *(That is different types of appointments that vary in duration and description, create new appointment service types by following these steps).

7. Create an Appointment form, by navigating to your forms panel, on the main navigation menu on top.

7. Click on create new form dropdown menu, turn the appointment field toggle to on and hit save and publish.



8. After you hit "Save and Publish" click on the get code buttons. All of these buttons are located on the bottom part of the left sidebar.  Get and copy the standard code and place it before the </body> closing tag on every page you want the form TAB be displayed in. If you want to embed the form itself, click on the Embeded Form code and place it where you want the form to be displayed. (Learn more about placing adding the codes to your website here).









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