Contact Form Plugin Forms section


The “Forms” tab is the first section you’ll find. By default, your profile comes pre-loaded with a contact form that’s yours to customize.

If your objective is to have a simple form on your site, you can choose “Place Across My Site”; this will place your default form on all of your website’s pages. The result will be a call out tab on your site, and when your visitors click on it, the form will pop up. 

Our “Create a New Form” button allows adding different forms to your profile, such as newsletter and donation forms. If you add one of these forms, a new window will direct to your admin panel to configure it. Once you save and publish your settings, return to the plugin and reload the page so you can see the newly created form. You can set this form across your website's pages as well. 

Form Customization is now easier with our form settings buttons. You can configure your form’s general settings and change the design. We offer a wide library of templates for both Embeded Form and tab versions; we offer form integration with several popular services such as MailChimp, Active Campaign and Sendy, and last but not least don’t forget to set your form notifications, so every time visitors submit their information, you will get an email delivery with the lead’s information.

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