MailChimp Form Plugin Form Settings Overview

Form Settings Overview.

In the "Form Pacement" section, you can select your implemention as well as one of the many templates we have available, but what if you wanted to make your very own template combination? it is possible in "Form Settings".

This is how your Default Contact Form menu looks. You get three useful buttons on the top: 

Detailed Reports: Click here if you want to get detailed reports on the leads you've gotten. 

Upgrade Account: Click here if you're looking to upgrade your current plan. If you want to know more about our plans, visit this site.

Create a New Form: If you want to create a new form, you can access your admin panel to manually add the new form. 

If you click on Form Name, a drop down menu will display the three configured Form, Tab and Mobile Templates.

Below the templates you will see "Delivery Options". This button will take you to your admin panel to configure your lead deliveries. Currently you can configure your lead deliveries via email, phone and 3rd party service accounts. Form more information on 3rd party delivery configuration click here

Below Delivery Options you will see the "Form Tools" button. Here you have 3 different buttons: 

Configure Form: This button will take you to your admin panel to the form configuration screen. 

Configure Tab: If you want to configure your tab button, click here to go to your admin panel. 

A/B Test: To run an A/B test, click here. If you want to know more information on our A/B optimization tool click here

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