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To add AdWords Conversion Tracking

To begín please review the google video bellow adwords conversion tracking. ( This is different from UTM tracking or Individual lead tracking and other analytics, that can also be used to gather marketing data).

Key: You need to add the google adwords tracking page to a custom thank you page URL.

a. Create a custom thank you page in your website; this is where people will be re-directed to after they fill and send a form. 

b. Add the Google Adwords Tracking code to your custom thank you page.

c. Go to Dashboard > forms > the form you are editing > For Settings > form Content > Confirmation page. And select the custom thank you page option and enter the URL of your custom landing page (You know, the one where you added the Google Adwords Tracking code).

d. Done.


These instructions show you how to get Google Adwords conversion tracking code. In order to track form submission conversions, you don't need to add the google tracking code to the form itself, you need to add it to a "Thank you Page" on your own website. Thenk, on the thank you page options for your form, select URL and add the URL of the page you have added the tacking code to. 


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