Having trouble with the ContactUs.com Facebook App?


If you have installed the ContactUs.com Facebook App in your Facebook Page but it seems that it's not working correctly, please perform these troubleshooting processes:

1. Make sure you are not testing the app as the Facebook Page Admin but as a regular user. 

2. Make sure that the name of your Page and the FB Page ID are written correctly inside the ContactUs.com Admin Panel.

If the above two are correct, please go ahead and Remove the app and start the whole process again. Once you are re-connecting the app, please make sure to grant access to the ContactUs.com App to everything Facebook asks for (We will not publish anything nor get any information). Facebook will ask for the same information for a regular app.

These procedures should fix the issues. If not, please create a new ticket here and we'll be happy to solve it for you. 

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