Delete Leads from your Contacts List


Great news! Our latest release allows you to delete leads from your contacts list. This will make it easy to get rid of testing submissions or any other contact information you wouldn't like to have there. 

Once you're logged in your account, go into your Contacts tab.

On your Contacts list, you'll see an "X" on the Tools for each contact. Press on it to delete the lead.

After pressing on the "X" to delete the contact, the system will ask if you are sure to delete the lead. Press on Ok if you really are. Once you have deleted it, you'll not be able to get it back, so that's why there's a message to make sure you did want to delete it instead of pressing on the "X" by mistake. 

After clicking on "Ok" you will see a notification saying: "Lead Was Successfully Deleted".

That's it, you have successfully deleted a lead.

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