Setting Important Leads on your Contacts List


Our latest release allows you to set leads as Important on your contacts list. This will make it easy to organize the most important contacts and have quick access to them. With this, you'll be able to provide faster follow ups, send emails and stay in full touch with the most hot leads.

The process is really simple. Once you've logged in your Account, click on the Contacts Tab to access your Contacts.

On your contacts list, enter to a contact you would like to mark as Important and Click on "Mark As Important".

Once you've clicked there, you will see the star turned yellow and a confirmation of the action.

For quick access to all your Important leads, click on "Important Leads" on the lead filter options. You'll also see them with a yellow background on the regular contacts list.

If you would like to unmark the Contact as Important, click again on "Marked as Important" and a confirmation message of the action will show again.

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