How to get into the Related Contacts tab


One of our newest features: the Related Contacts tab. This is a very useful feature that enables you to easily find previous contact submissions from related emails and phones, of the same lead. For example, if there are previous contacts for this lead only, having the same email or phone number, then these will show in this section. 

You can click on each of the related contacts to check what was the submission about. This is valuable since some leads submit multiple chats, contact us forms, appointments, etc. Instead of having to sort their emails in the contacts section, you'll have this handy on the leads information panel.

Get into the Related Contacts Tab following this simple path: Login to your account and click on Contacts

Once you are in the Contacts tab, search and click on a Lead you'd like to manage.

On the Lead details, click on the Related Contacts tab.

On the Related Contacts tab, a complete list of all the previous contacts from the same lead will show. Remember you can access to all of them by clicking on them.


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