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How to take advantage of your lead management tools:

  1. Set up your team, by adding them as additional users to your account.
  2. Make Sure you have a someone to play the role of Lead Manager:
  3. Set up SMS notification for all of your Forms.
  4. Setup an email Auto Responder for all of your forms. And then on the thank you page of the form, let people know you have sent them an email confirmation. Ask them to: “Please make sure our emails always land on your inbox”.
  5. Set up your Chat Support by adding a chat form.
  6. Set Up Page Load Triggers for your Contact Forms, Newsletter Forms and your Chat Forms. More info on this here:
  7. Set Up an Appointment form and tweak the schedule and available appointment times. Information on setting up appointment form here:
    2. More about the Appointment form
  8. Set up your Newsletter Forms:
    1. Learn more about best practices for Newsletter Form.
    2. WP Plugin Available
  9. Create Custom Tabs that reflect your branding.
    1. How to upload custom tab triggers:
  10. Integrate leads coming from inbound phone calls.
    1. Learn more about our phone call tracking tools.
    2. How to install:
  11. Set up canned responses on your email conversations feature and make sure you use lead notes to keep your entire team aware of what’s going on.
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