Custom Fields Overview


Custom Fields can now be found in the following path: Forms> Select the form that will have custom fields or create a new one > Hit the "Configure this Form" button. 


You'll arrive to this section which allows to select/change templates. You can select our preset templates or custom fields. Select "Custom Fields". 


You will arrive to this section. Select "Fields" to access the custom fields main menu.

*Important, please click on the form thumbnail that says custom, before clickin on fields. 

The Custom Fields menu contains the following options: 

Predefined Forms: We have created a series of commonly used contact forms for you to select and easily add or modify at your convenience. 

Contact Fields: Here you can add different contact fields that aren't commonly seen in our preset templates, such as postal code and country. 

Basic Fields: Here you can add more stylized fields such as Dropdown menus, checkboxes and more. 

Advanced Settings: These are more advanced features that allow adding a custom background, changing the order of the field labels and more. 


When editing your fields, you'll find three icons. The green icon allows to modify the field, the blue icon allows to duplicate the field if necessary and the x is to delete the field.  

 Watch these videos for reference:



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