How to set up Call Tracking Numbers


*Call tracking numbers allow you buy a new phone number. (We have a great phone number finder wizard, so you can find a great looking number). Read more about Call tracking usage here.


This is how to set call tracking numbers:


1. First go to the Calls Module on your Admin Panel

2. Then create a campaign that will allow you to know what kind of advertisement and marketing campaign is going to promote the phone number.


3. Make sure to make the campaign name very easy and obvious to its relationship. Another way of testing is, assigning the marketing agency that you are going to try. Try both at the same time and learn which one produces more bang for your buck.

4. Now go to the Order Number Panel, and add a phone number. You can search based on US Area Code, Postal Code, near this other number or matching a text pattern. (Pretty sweet huh?)

5. Once you select the kind of numbers you are looking for you will be given a series of results. Fill in the information for the numbers you want to buy. Make sure the new phone number is forwarding calls to the right number. (Your own)

6. Make sure you have the right campaign assigned to your new phone number, so you can track the calls generated by that campaign.

7. Then hit the Buy Button, and follow instructions. Once your new phone number purchase is done, try it by calling the new tracking number. Your own phone should receive the call, and if you activated call recording, then a message should telling the inbound caller, that the message is being recorded for quality assurance purposes.



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