How to set Proactive Chat


The feature will allow you to Proactively Prompt Visitors into a Chat conversation. Basically, we built the ability for you to automatically invite users to chat with you from specific pages on your website. This can immediately engage the visitors to talk with you or a Chat agent from specific pages of your website to enhance your support, quotation or sales programs. There's nothing like having direct conversations with visitors to clear all their doubts or talking with prospects to point them into the correct customer path.

With our Proactive Chat Tool it’s easy to prompt users who visit specific pages to chat, so if you have a product tour page or a pricing plans page, it’s easy to ask users if they have any questions while they are on the page.

Follow this quick guide to Set your Proactive Chat Pages:

1. Login to your account and click on Chat> 2. Click on Chat Settings

3. Click on Opening URLs> 4. Click on Add

5. Once you've clicked on Add, you'll open configuration panel of the Proactive Chat URLs:

6. Configure all the settings as you need and then click on Add URL. Please make sure to not include the "http://" or "https://" in your link since it's already added by the feature. Enter only your domain. Watch this example:

That's it you're done!

Note: The URL has to have the page code to automatically open a chat prompt.



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