How to make 2-Way Email Messaging with Leads


Managing Email Conversations Straight From the Leads Profile Page is a great way to do followups and engaging leads. The best part is that we've made it easier than ever. When using our two way email messaging, you can centralize and simplify the email conversations to your leads submitted by phone or website forms by sending and receiving messages directly from your dashboard. 

This feature can be used from each lead, this is how you get in there:

Login to your account and click on Contacts, then sort the list to find your hot leads and select a contact to which you need to send an email.

Once you've selected the lead, you will be inside the contact's settings so click on the Email tab to get into the feature.

Once you're on the Email feature, you'll get to see this and have the following options:

 Text Editor. This is where you write the email and it counts with Quick and Basic Text Edition Tools:


Canned Responses: You can create canned responses (Pre Written emails) tailored to your sales process or about common inquiries. It’s a great way to streamline follow-ups. The canned responses appear as options bellow the email, once you've created them. You can create as many canned responses as you want from here: After login into your Account, 1. Click on Contacts> 2. Click on Settings> 3. Click on Import or Add

Set Signatures: You can create several signatures (as in Outlook or other email provider) if you're responding along with more than one user or if you are forwarding emails from different departments. First click on Set Signature and then go to Signature Settings. 

Once you're there, click on Add Signature, edit it as you need and don't forget to save it. Once they're saved, you would be able to select them from the 2-Way Email Messaging feature.

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