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First, you need to create a website on webs.com. Webs.com proudly states that if you use email, then you can create a webs.com website. Which is true. After choosing a theme, and publishing the website, follow the steps below to add a ContactUs.com contact form:


On ContactUs.com, create a contact form, revise and test as necessary:

1. On ContactUs.com, create a contact form, revise and test as necessary.


2. After you are finished with the contact form, go back to the Dashboard, click on “Get Code.”

3. On the dialog box, there is an edit box with a single line of code. This is the contact form code you need to include in your website. Copy this code.

4. Open webs.com and login to your account. On the Builder page, click on “Other” at the bottom of the page.

5. Drag the Custom HTML icon to the edit area. On the resulting gray area, double click and paste the ContactUs.com code.

6. After saving the page and design, clicking on the Publish button will make the page live on the internet.

Like any HTML code, you have to test that the ContactUs.com contact page works properly. There should be no problem integrating the ContactUs.com contact form code with webs.com websites. If in the slim chance that you need to troubleshoot the page, you might need to redo the contact form on ContactUs and go through the above procedures again.

Webs.com has a solid reputation for their clean templates and their websites services. They are particularly good with their services and have been adding more for a better user experience. In more than 12 years of operation, Webs.com has adapted and implemented features and innovations that help it compete in the free website marketplace.

If you are just starting out, or you want to create a website very quickly, webs.com can have your site running in no time. The registration process is very simple and straightforward. On top of the regular free website features, it also has other advanced features for its premium customers. This adaptability enables Webs.com to keep up with other free sites, and it is expected that it would continue to be in business for a long time.




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