WooCommerce newsletter signup wp plugin: Right after activating the plugin


After you install and activate the plugin, go to the WooCommerce Newsletter tab on the lower half of your WP dashboard sidebar.

If you are sure you already have woocommerce installed, please skip this step. When you open the WooCommerce Newsletter Signup plugin. If you have not installed the actual WooCommerce plugin, you will see a quick WooCommerce install plugin. If you don’t want to install WooCommerce, you will also have a quick install link for the generic newsletter plugin. Both are great plugins. If you click on it and the pop out tells you “Latest version installed”, then the WooCommerce plugin is deactivated. Go to your plugin management page and activate it.

Woo Commerce Extension plugino wp


If you already have WooCommerce installed, then the next screen you get will be the Login/Sign up page. If you don’t have an account you can create one free. You need an account to access the lead generation analytics, perform A/B testing and have access to your ContactUs.com Dashboard.

Woo Commerce Extension plugino wp

Once you log into your account, or create one, your form will appear in its default placements. The Default placements for the form are limited to all the default woo commerce pages:

  • My Account
  • Checkout
  • Cart
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