A/B testing


We know how hard it can be to get your customers attention. We know sometimes, a website or content may or may not be appealing to your visitors. This is the reason we’ve now included an AB testing section, which allows testing different form and tab templates, to determine which provides better results. This feature works for both Contact Form and Newsletter Form.  

To locate the AB Testing feature, access your ContactUs.com account> Click on Forms, then Click on the form you want to Test. Once you click on the form you want to test, look for the A/B testing link.



This awesome feature will give you a better idea of how a specific template performs, against other ones, so in the end you can choose the template that performs best on your site.  You can make tests for both tab and form templates.



When clicking on Tab Testing, you can make a random selection of templates, and even select the position you want these to appear. This way, when clicking on save and publish, these tab templates will start appearing randomly on your website, and you can get full reports on their performance.  




When clicking on Form Testing, you get several templates for the Embeded Form version of the form.  So make a selection of the ones you like, and when saving and publishing, they will appear embedded on your website. You can retrieve full reports on these as well. 



To access the reports, go to the upper right side and click on "AB/Reports". Here you can navigate through the reports for the tab or the Embeded Form form. 



If you click on AB Results, you get detailed information on how the templates performed, such as the times they were displayed, the amount of leads they got and most importantly the Form to Lead Success Rate.




You even get a report chart, which compiles the results, and shows the best form, 




If you click on "A/B Charts" you can access a detailed bar graphic, that shows the top templates for your website, in terms of performance and results. 




If you click on "A/B Totals" you access to an even more detailed report, which contains different filter options for better visualization and analysis. 


8.jpgFeel free to test this feature on your site, and if you have questions or comments, send us an email to support@contactus.com




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