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There are two ways of implementing the ContactUs.com Forms on WIX, one is through the WIX App by ContactUs. The other is using the ContactUs.com snippets, found in the Form Settings, under the "Get Code" Button.

Adding the ContactUs.com App for Wix

If your website is built with Wix, ContactUs.com offers a Wix App to make it easy to add a contact form onto your site.

  1. Log into your Wix account, and go to your pages editor by clicking on the “Manage & Edit Site” button and then on the “Edit Site” button.Free forms for WIXFree forms for WIX
  2. Once you are in the page editor, look for the Wix App Market on the left side of your screen.Free forms for WIX
  3. Search for “ContactUs” using the search field and you will get our App especially designed for Wix. Then click on the “Add to site” button.Free forms for WIX
  4. The App will show, a Demo Form will appear in screen and you will need to setup the application in App Settings.Free forms for WIX
  5. Once you go to App settings, you will be asked either to log in to your ContactUs.com account or to sign up for free with us.Free forms for WIX
  6. When you log into your account, the form that you have set as default will instantly appear. If you sign up, a preset template will appear. You can also access your ContactUs.com Dashboard from the App.


WIX also has an HTML app, you can use that in combination with our html snippet. Learn bout the ContactUs.com Javascript and hypertext form triggers, here.

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