YOLA: Adding Live Chat Forms to Your Yola Powered Website


Get The Code from ContactUs.com

First you must Login or Signup to ContactUs.com  (FREE)

1. When inside the ContactUs.com Dashboard, navigate to the Form Settings 
2. Once you are in the Form Settings panel, create a new chat form. You can find that button on the drop-down menu on the upper right corner of the ContactUs.com admin panel. 
3. On the Create New Form panel, you will be able to customize the look and feel of your chat form, callout tab, titles and  other settings. Make sure that when you are finished, and ready to get the form live, you press SAVE and PUBLISH, not just save.
4. Once you have SAVED and PUBLISHED the form, click on the Form Settings button on the left sidebar again. And when the Form Settings panel opens, look for your form and click on the GET CODE button.  
5. When you click on the GET CODE button, a pop out box appears, there are different snippets, for different purposes, you can explore other options and see how they fit in your website. For now we will stick to the default javascript snippet. 
Copy the .js snippet and keep it handy.  

 Add the Code to Your YOLA Powered Website.

1. Within the page editor, select the “HTML” widget inside of the “Widgets” selector:


2.The HTML editor will then appear over the page preview. You will paste in your ContactUs.com .js snippet Code, press “Save” and then you’re finished.


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