Live Chat General Settings


The general settings section allows to configure your live chat form.

If you don't have a chat form, you can click on "Create a New Form" and then on "Add a Live Chat Form".

You'll be taken to your admin panel, where you'll be able to create/configure a new chat form. Once you've finished configuring the form, hit the "save and publish" button.

Go back to the Live Chat Plugin and refresh the page so the plugin can recognize the newly created chat form. You will see something like this:

Here is an overview of the plugins tabs:

Chat Agent Interface: If you want to open your chat interface on a new tab, click here and you'll be taken to your admin panel, where you will have a much bigger interface.

Forms: Click here to view all your current Live Chat Forms to select the one you need Across your Site.

Form/Page Selection: If you need a custom placement of the chat form in your website, rather than placing it across your entire site, click here to have an overview of all your website's pages and toggle the buttons "ON" to make the form show in that specific page.

Documentation: Opens our Support Center, right on the help articles specifically for the Chat Plugin.

Contacts: Opens up your contacts list in the admin panel on a new tab.

Account: It provides an easy way to set other important options of your account. 


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