How to set Phone Call Notifications


The Phone Call Notifications come along with the Phone Call Tracking feature by These notifications will make it easier to manage incoming calls and track information faster. They will automatically create a new lead on your Contacts list and will send an email with hyperlinks to get into the lead's info, making you ready to access the management platform quickly. 

As a friendly reminder this is a feature that is on the Premium Plans and up. 


Follow this quick instructions to set these Phone Call Notifications successfully:


1. Login to your account and click on Calls 2. then click on Call Notifications

3. Make sure to toggle the notifications ON, fill in your email and send a test email to make sure it's all set. Remember to Save the settings before you go.

That's it, you've successfully set the Phone Call Notifications. With these, you'll be able to mark a disposition status, mark as important or create notes by clicking on the email's hyperlinks. This will make more efficient how you can organize the lead's information. Please take a look to a testing example of the email notification:


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