Live Chat: Getting Started

Follow Chat is a live chat application to enable you to engage in real-time chat conversations with visitors on your website.  We built this because we’ve seen how enabling live chat can create more sales leads.  Our chat can be used for visitors to initiate chats with you when one of your agents is online.  Premium chat users can initiate chats to your visitors using Proactive Chat.

Getting Started with Chat:

  1. First, you need to create a “Chat Form” inside of your Form Settings
  2. Once you’ve configured your Chat Form, hit “Save & Publish”.
  3. Grab the code from “Get Code”, and install onto your website.

How to Use Chat:

  1. Opening the Chat Interface. From your user admin panel, go to “Chat” and the interface will automatically open. 
  2. Get Connected. When you open for the first time during the session,  you’ll be automatically listed as “Connected”.  When you are Connected, your chat tab will begin functioning for your users. When you step away, or are idle, be sure to turn off the connection.
  3. When You’re Offline. When you are offline or disconnected, the chat tab will open up a regular contact form where visitors can still contact you, just not in real-time.
  4. Incoming Alerts. You will hear an alert when there is a new incoming chat.  You can start responding once a chat conversation has been opened.
  5. Lead Info. The visitor’s contact information will be shown on the left-hand side of the chat.  Add notes, add phone numbers or change disposition statuses as you continue in your dialogue. You’ll also see their browsing activity and other data inferred by their IP address.
  6. Canned Responses. Canned Chat Responses work as a shortcut for you to paste in commonly asked phrases. It saves time for yourself and your operators to keep from typing over the same responses. Canned Responses can also be a great way to train your new chat reps, and make sure they are delivering consistent messaging.
  7. Auto-Open Prompts. We built the ability for you to automatically invite users to chat with you from specific pages on your website.  For example, you can automatically invite everyone visiting your pricing page or product page to start a chat.  Enter a URL and custom message to have chat automatically open to visitors on that page.
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