MAILCHIMP: How to set up deliveries from the Forms to your MailChimp Lists and adding Custom Fields


This quick step by step guide will show you how to integrate any Form Type with your MailChimp Subscribers Lists:


Watch the video to get into the MailChimp Integration settings of your form:  


Once you are in the MailChimp integration settings, inside, you need to toggle the integration switch to "ENABLED", look for the API Key and Unique List ID inside your MailChimp account.


From here, you can also select to have a Double Optin* for your subscribers or set the Custom Fields** if you need to. 


Go into MailChimp to find the information needed. Find how with documentation of their own right here:

For the API Key

For the Unique List ID


Copy and paste your credentials, Save the changes and that's it, you're done!

Double Optin*

Double Opt-in definition: A user has subscribed for a newsletter or other email marketing messages by explicitly requesting it and confirming the email address to be her own. This is usually done by responding to a confirmation email sent to the email address in question.

This eliminates the chance of abuse where somebody submits somebody else's email address without their knowledge and against their will.

Custom Fields**

We've implemented a feature in the integration options that makes you able to send custom fields to your MailChimp Lists. This is really useful when you need to receive more information about your leads, rather than just an email, name or phone. 

Here's how:


Go into your MailChimp List and add the specific new fields that you'd like to receive. These will work as landing fields. In MailChimp, they name these as "List Fields". This is a support article from them that will point you best on how to create these:


Once you've created the List Fields, your list will be ready to receive the custom fields coming from your Custom Form submissions.

The next step is to map the fields of your form with the fields of your list. Go back to the integration settings on your account and toggle "ON" the "Send Custom Fields" option. You'll see the fields of your form which you need to map with the List Fields of your List:


Once you've mapped the fields, make sure it was set correctly by filling up a testing submission on your form. Correct any errors and you should get a list like this:

 Perfect Job! You're done and your custom fields are sent correctly

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