Live Chat Placement


Our Live Chat feature offers two types of placement.

1. Forms: In this section you'll find all your Chat forms listed horizontally. You can place a specific chat form on all of your website's pages toggling its switch into "ON". Your web visitors will see our chat tab ready to contact you directly on every page of your site. This placement is recommended.

2. Form/Page Selection: If you want our chat feature on specific pages of your site, rather than across your entire site, this placement is recommended. The plugin will recognize your website's main pages and will list them horizontally. You will be able to select between our Tab or Embeded Form version of the chat for each of your pagesj . 

To place the tab feature on a specific page, simply toggle the switches into "ON". You can select between tab or Embeded Form. You can click on "view this page" to see the changes.

Note: If you want to place the Chat on a second level page, such as a post, you will need to use our WP Shortcode. You need to paste that on the page you want and save changes.

For more information on shortcodes, click here.

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