A great Workaround to receive Attachments using ContactUs.com


Receiving attachments from your visitors or clients, using your own contact forms, can be really useful for certain businesses and some contact requirements. Sending photos or files may be something needed for an application or for a quotation.

At the moment, our forms don't allow the file or attachment upload. Rest assured, we are working on an integration that will allow you to receive attachments from your clients cleverly. While we get that developed, we've come with a great workaround for WordPress users

Basically, using the Contact Form 7 plugin and our Contact Form 7 Integrations plugin will allow you to receive the attachments/files into your inbox and still be able to manage your leads using your ContactUs.com admin panel. 

Follow this quick guide in order to successfully set all this up:

1. Install and activate both plugins in your WordPress Admin:

Contact Form 7 

Contact Form 7 Integrations

2. Create a Contact Form 7 that includes a file upload field, set the email notificiation into your inbox and place the form live on your website so you can receive the uploads/attachments from your clients/visitors. Find more information here:

Get Started with CF7

File Upload Field 

You can also check their support and documentation center here.

3. Integrate your CF7 with ContactUs.com, using the Contact Form 7 Integrations plugin. Here's a video that will show you how to set this up quickly.

If you need more information on the CF7 Integrations plugin, you can find it right here.

4. Make sure you create a testing submission on your Contact Form 7 to see if the attachment goes into your inbox and the lead's information into your ContactUs.com account. 


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