How to change the Background image.


You can change background images in the Donation Form, Contact Form and Newsletter Form. Not all forms have background image options. We are covering the basics here and if you are not managing exactly that form, the tabs and options for your form are probably similar.

 a. Log into your admin panel or access it from your plugin.

b. Go to Forms, located on the upper toolbar in the Admin Panel

c. Select one form, the form you want to edit

d. Click on "Configure This Form"


If You Selected a Custom Contact Form

e. Follow this path: Fields> Advanced Settings> Fill the "Custom Background Image URL" field with the URL of the image.

f. Remember to save and publish your changes. 


For Preset Templates of Contact Forms

All our Preset Form Templates were created by web-designers experienced in online lead-generation, and are built-for-conversion. That is why the only Contact Form template that can have a Custom Background Image is the Template 11. To find this template, follow this path from your Dashboard:

Forms> Select your Contact Form (or create a new one)> Click on "Configure This Form"> Click on "Select Standard Fields"> Scroll all the way down to find it (see the image below)

Once you have selected the Template 11, go to the Design tab and click on "Background And Logo". From there just paste the URL of the Custom Image

Note: Custom Background Images for Donation Forms are available for the 2 templates in the Admin Panel and regarding the Newsletter Forms, Custom Background Images are available only in the Template 22. See the images below:

 Newsletter Template 22:




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