How to set Returning Lead Alerts


The Returning Lead Alerts notify you when your previously-submitted leads come back to your website, at the precise moment they are re-engaging with you. It comes along with browsing history and other lead details pushed out automatically.

The notifications include the original lead information. The new user activity will get logged into your Lead Management Platform, so you’ll have this info at your fingertips whenever you open up your sales contacts.

Please note that this is a feature that comes with premium plans and up.


Set this feature following this simple path:

Login to your account and click on 1. Account> 2. In the drop-down menu click on Returning Lead Alert 

Once you're on the Returning Lead Alerts settings, 3. turn them on by selecting Enabled> 4. type in the email to which the notifications will be sent 5. Select which forms to send the notifications (currently, this is only for Contact and Newsletter type forms)> and 6. Make sure you save the changes.

The setting up process is really simple and fast. Once you're all set up, you'll start receiving these:

Hurry and contact them asap!


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