Why am I getting a duplicate field error message?


Hi guys, 

This is s a known bug and we have scheduled fixes on a road map, but they are not going to be live for a while. We do have a troubleshooting process that might help you fix the problem. 


Please follow these steps to get your form to map fields correctly. 


a. Make sure you have a post form on your ContactUs.com Admin Panel, as this is like a door where messages from CF7I come in and saved on your contacts manager. Also, its through that post form that you can configure third party deliveries to MailChimp or Google Contacts.

- Log In.

- Go to Forms

- Go to Create Form Drop Down and Select Post

- Save and Publish 

b. Disconnect and reconnect CF7I with your account. This will allow the plugin to search for your admin panel configuration. You can do this by deactivating and reactivating the Contact Form 7 Integration plugin, and log in in again through the plugin settings page.


c. Copy the Form CF7 code (The one that defines fields and field labels for your form con the Contact Form 7 Plugin) onto your notepad and make sure the name tag is called [text* your-name] and your email tag is set as  [email* your-email]. 


d. Create a new form on Contact Form 7,  Copy the revised code from the old form into the new form you are creating. Click on Turn On Contact Form 7 Integration's, map the rest of the fields, and hit save and publish. 


e. Replace the old form short code, with the new form short code and test it. Make suer your leads get in, and tha the date being submitted lands the right fields. 


If this does not work, please send us a support ticket at http://help.contactus.com/hc/en-us/requests/new



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