How to set URL filtering in form Load Trigger


The Page Load Trigger needed a complement so we've developed a feature that enables you to filter an URL from loading a form on your visitors screens. For example, when you are using a delayed pop up trigger on your website to ask visitors join into your newsletter, it would be wrong to show that same pop up on the signup process because it would interrupt the flow of the engaged visitor.

Follow these quick instructions to get into the URL filtering in form Load Trigger feature:

1. Login to your account and click on Forms

2. Select the Form to which you want to set an URL filter

3. Go to Form Triggers and 4. go to Page Load> Manage Rules

Once you're on the Manage Rules section, make sure to configure all the settings as needed, type in the URL string text and finally, make sure to Save & Publish the changes. 

Remember that you only have to type the string of the URL without including the whole domain of your website. For example: (this is wrong)

visitors/sign-up (this is correct)

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