Advanced Contacts Search Overview


The new Advanced Contacts Search feature allows you to find processed or unprocessed leads easily. It comes with a vast number of specific attributes to sort the leads. These include: Keywords, Tags and a lot of other variables.

Once you're logged in your account, get into the Advanced Search by going into (1)Contacts and then (2)Advanced Search on the left sidebar.

Once you're there, select one of the three options to search your leads:

1. By Keyword:

Type in a keyword related to the contacts you'd like to find and then press on the search button. The system will search on all the contacts for that word. It could be a tag you wrote, a company name, a domain, a word on a message, etc. Basically, any word that is written on any of the contact's information.

This is an example of a user looking for the word "buy": 

The results show 3 contacts that had the word "buy" written on their messages. It would have shown more contacts if the word "buy" was written on a domain, name, or anything else on other contacts

2. Advanced Variables:

These include specific attributes or fields to search for, among your entire list of contacts. These are: Name, Email Adress, Phone Number, Disposition Status, Specific Dates and a lot more! Make sure you try them all!

3. Tags:

It only searches for the contacts marked with the specific tag you type in. This tool is great to find the leads after you've processed them. A very good advise is to sort your Leads in groups with Tags. This optimizes your sales processes and with this tool you'll be able to find the groups

(Note: Find more information about Contact Tags here)

In all the search results, you can go back to the Advanced Search settings or export the custom selection to a CSV type file. 

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