What if your WP or Joomla! install and your C.U. plugins just don't get along.


It happens, but not often. Sometimes our plugins, widgets, modules or extensions might misbehave. If you are stuck on setup/implementation process, please consider switching to JavaScript Snippet Implementation. Plugins are made to make life easier, not harder. If it’s not making it easier for you, then you should definitely try this.

In the same way you would add Google Analytics code, place the JS snippet before the </body> tag. Thats about it. The JS. Snippet is the piece of code that summons the forms and the functions that submit leads to your Lead Management Platform. Plugins are just an easy way to manage where and what js snippets are placed across your site. But this is not the only way to get your ContactUs.com Form's in front of your website visitors.

Alternate JS snippet implementations in WordPress.

  • As a text-widget, on your sidebar of footer. Just paste the code in the text widget and place it where you want.
  • Adding the code on the text tab, in your post, page, or special wp-post and wp-page types.
  • On the footer.php of your theme. (Before the </body> tag).
  • Don’t paste the JS snippet in the Visual editor of your wp pages or wp posts, because it’s just going to print the html version of the code as though it were part of the post content, and not part of the website code.

*(Use standard implementation, or if you are using an Embeded Form form .js code, make sure you edit the form's CSS, to make the form width adapt to the space you want to place it into).

To learn more about how to get the code and paste it in your website, please follow this link: http://help.contactus.com/hc/en-us/articles/200676216-Getting-the-Website-Code

*For wordpress users:






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