Form CSS editor - Playing around with fields, backgrounds and CSS


There are some important concepts that will be illustrated on this video. Basic but important-to-know, view this video to get an idea of your design flow.


a) After you finish editing a form in a specific panel, (That means, either fields panel, css visual editor, css code editor, content) make sure you save. So always save when using different panels to edit your form.


b) Use the fields section to place organize, create, edit and delete form fields. Use the CSS editor to customize the look and feel.


c) Use the CSS code editor and the visual editor to edit colors, fonts, sizes, widths, paddings, even use special form selectors based on field names to specify unique css rules to one specific field.


This video might help illustrate how you can move around our form editor and get the form looking the way you want it. This is just an example of how to use the panels, there was no design intended.


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