Not getting leads with CF7 Version 3.9


Hello to all of our users. Lately we have had complaints regarding leads not getting to the lead/contact manager. This is due to the new version of Contact Form 7, that was released earlier this week.

The plugin Contact Form 7, is not made by, we make Contact Form 7 Integrations, an addon plugin for Contact Form 7 that allows users to catch leads sent and deliver them to Lead manager and also to third party applications like MailChimp and Constant Contact. (We have over 21 integration options available with the most popular email marketing and CRM softwares around, along with Google Docs, and Google Calendar *(For our appointment form). So, sometimes upgrades to adapt to new CF7 plugin changes might take some time. 

We are working on a plugin update that will fix this issue, but until then, this is a quick fix.

*We are recommending users who have this problem to downgrade their CF7 plugin, to Version 3.8.1, as this one has been tested and does deliver leads to

If you know how to access and replace plugin files in FTP. Remember, this is for users who are not getting their leads and have upgraded con Contact Form 7 version 3.9. In short, you have to downgrade back to version 3.8.1. (Make sure to backup your WordPress before you do this).   

1. Download version 3.8.1

2. Replace the plugin files via ftp. 

What files to replace?

2.1 Go to this directory  wp-content/plugins

In this directory, rename the current /contact-form-7 with something that changes the name of the plugin folder, say /contact-form-7-v-3-9

Then, upload the version you downloaeded and make sure that the plugin files are stored in wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7 

FTP plugin replacement is preffered, as your saved settings will stay saved. But if you are not familiar enough with FTP plugin updates, then this is what you have to do. 


If you dont know how to use FTP to install plugins

1. Manual copy the form contents and email contents from your CF7 forms, you will need these because you will have to delete the current CF7 plugin. 

2. Once you have your form and email notification content saved in your computer, go ahead and delete the CF7 plugin.

3. Download Version 3.8.1 as a zip file. 

4. Go to plugins, add new, upload, and upload the zip file. 

5. Copy and past your form configurations. 

6. Make sure you correct form IDs in the short codes, these would be on the pages and posts and widgets you have added the Contact Form 7 to. 

Done. Check if your forms are being displayed corrected and also delivered correctly, if you bump into problems, please make sure you submit a help request here








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